[Webinar] 1/n- Swayam: Maintaining and updating your NGO’s website easily and independently

Let us start with the basics and deliberate on why your NGO needs an effective website to become more discoverable and legitimate in the eyes of contributors, partners and Web 2.0 users. Here are 7 reasons why your NGO should have a website in this age.

Now that you know, let us address the obvious questions you must be having:

  1. How to get an effective website for my NGO? Should I approach a web services company? Should I hire a programmer within my team? Or should I scout for a volunteer who would do this for me?
  2. What are the costs involved? What is the industry benchmark? What features should I be asking for in my NGO’s website? How do I know that what I am getting is the best?
  3. Will I have the control over the website in future? Or would I need to depend upon the company/programmer/volunteer to make the tiniest of changes?

More often than not, we have heard the following kind of stories of helplessness from our experience of working with over 300 NGOs pan India:

  • After the summer volunteer who created our website, left, we couldn’t update the website. We keep chasing him but he has gotten busy with his engagements.
  • I can no longer trace the username/password of my domain service and/or server provider. Our previous developer knew it and is now unreachable.
  • The software company which developed the website for us, charges us for the smallest updates.
  • The software company which developed the website for us, is asking for money to redesign the website and make it state-of-the-art.
  • The software company which developed the website for us, takes at least a week to update the changes suggested by us.
  • I feel hesitant to ask my friend, who helped us develop the website, to update the website.
  • There is no body in my team who knows coding and we cannot afford a full-time programmer just to make website updates. On top of it, the ideal mix of a good designer, a good front-end programmer and a back-end programmer is rare to find.

Unfortunately, the story is the same everywhere. If you are facing the same, let’s change it now!

Over 70 NGOs have switched to Swayam and with absolutely no programming knowledge, enjoy the real-time maintenance and update of their professional websites themselves, and INDEPENDENTLY. So, all you need is a domain name and Swayam takes care of the rest for you! 

Too good to be true? Join us for an interactive webinar and see the live demonstration of Swayam in action.

When: 3-4 PM,  28 June 2017 (Wednesday)
RSVP for the webinar here: https://goo.gl/forms/x5R3TdZDsWeRrIWe2
After successful registration, we shall send you a link to the webinar (which will become active at 3PM on 28th June).
(For the webinar, please prefer to use a laptop/desktop and not mobile phone. Request you to also ensure that your computer’s speakers work for you to be able to hear us properly.)

See you soon! 🙂

P.S: If you are not able to attend this one, don’t worry. We shall be conducting the next webinar in the second week of July.